Why I steam while I fry

Many foods that I fry I will steam as I cook.  This helps to reduce the grease.meat-in-frying-pan

I steam hamburgers, steaks, ham steaks, and sausages.  First in my pan I add about a half cup to a cup of water and let it come to a boil, cooking on high heat, then I add in my meats and adjust the cooking temps to med-high heat.  I keep the water level up while I’m cooking, turning as I go.  This also helps to keep the juices in your meat and keeps them from getting dried out.  Once I have my meat cooked to the desired doneness, I let the water evaporate and then I give the meat a good seer.

Now in the case of the ham steaks and the sausages as I am giving them a good seer I will keep adding small amounts of water to deglaze the pan and that adds that good flavor back in the meat.  Try it some time, don’t be afraid.  It’s a healthier way to fry your meats and your family will love them.

Try adding a little water to your bacon as you fry.  I find it helps to keep the oil from spattering as much, and it keeps your bacon crisp without scorching. Unlike hamburgers or sausage I’d only use a small amount of water.  Bacon cooks up quicker and it would take a while for a large amount of water to evaporate.  So only use a small amount and add as you need too.  I think you will find this to be the perfect stove top bacon.  If making a large amount of bacon I’d suggest putting it on a good cookie sheet and baking it in the oven.  This tip will work as well for both pork and turkey bacon.

Now I would recommend that you always check the temperature of your meats before serving to ensure you have properly cooked meats all the way through.  You want be sure not to overcook your food so you don’t lose all those wonderful nutrients.   Bon appetite…

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