Tortured for Christ

Tortured for ChristAs I finished reading “Tortured for Christ” my heart has been opened and my views have been forever changed as a result of what it means to be a faithful true believer of Christ.  We live in a country where having the freedom to practice the religion we choose is taken for granted.  We express our freedoms openly and without fear of retaliation.  Living in this great country we forget that there exists oppression in other countries.  I never really gave a lot of thought to Christians in Countries like Romania and China being oppressed and imprisoned for expressing their Christian faith.  That by doing so, they risk imprisonment, torture, starvation, poverty, and death.  I knew Missionaries existed that traveled around the world to spread the gospel and every now and again you would hear a news report about missionaries who were imprisoned or killed for just carrying a bible, but it was never a main focal point for our news coverage.  There have been reports of churches being bombed across the country but again, not a focus of the news, at least not a religious focus.

I realized because in this country we have the freedom to express ourselves without fear, that we don’t feel the need to stand on corners to preach the bible, as is done in the oppressed countries.  Those that do we think of as fanatics and mentally ill.  We don’t always welcome others to speak to us about their faith.  I will be open to talking with others now and sharing ideas.  I don’t think I now can walk past someone without sharing a caring word.  We may not agree with some teachings of various denominations but we all live to serve Christ and Love God.

Over the last few decades our country has removed God from public view, allowing more Atheists to have a stronger foothold in our society.  Similar to the Communist written in the book.  While we have the freedom to express ourselves without fear of imprisonment we are ridiculed by Atheists about our beliefs.  We do see that today, more and more Christians are accused of being racist, or spreading hate.  Of course that’s not true, but we are not doing as good a job as we should to spread the word and live more Christ like.  I’ve always thought I lived as close to the bible as I could, but I realize I’ve done little in my life to help spread the word of God.  Even as a child I loved God and attended church regularly.  But what really have I done?

I think what strikes me about religion practiced in these oppressed countries is that there is only Christianity not just Baptist or Pentecostal or Catholic faiths.  Just one – Christianity.   They live to spread the word to any and all persons willing to listen.  They do not know the gospel, or scriptures but they speak of Christ and Love and they soak up the word and derive a lot of pleasure and happiness from reaching a new soul for Christ.   I was amazed to learn how many Christians have been killed and imprisoned in these countries.  Communism has killed 30 million Russian Christians and millions of Chinese Christians.  How can this happen in the mid 1900’s and be so quiet that we know nothing about this going on?  This question has no good answer, the communists were great at deceiving outsiders, staged events so no one would know.  Christians threatened with death and imprisonment if they spoke against the communists.  What the communists did not understand is that the Christian Martyrs are ready to die for their faith, I have often said I am not afraid of dying but I am afraid of not living.  I’m thankful every morning that God has graced me by allowing me to open my eyes and witness to his beauty.

This is a book I would recommend, it was enlightening and thought provoking.  A free copy of this book can be obtained by going to

Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.—Hebrews 13:3

The founder of the Voice of the Martyrs, Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, loved people. He and his wife, Sabina, had a great passion to lead others to Christ.   While enduring the persecution and hatred, the Christian Martyrs continued to love their captures and lived to bring them to Jesus.  Many were saved and walk in Christ today because of these wonder people.

Listen to Pastor Richard Wurmbrand in this Video.

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