There is What we Heard and Then There is What Works…


We have all tried the fad diets and we may have even lost weight, but what happened?  Once you stopped the diet and went back to your normal eating you gained that weight back and added a few more pounds.  Here is what my personal experience taught me. You must set yourself on a permanent diet.  A nutritionally sound diet, that you can live with for the rest of your life.  Not go on for a period of time, but a life time change, you have to teach yourself how to eat proper foods.  Yoyo diets are unhealthy and even dangerous.  What you don’t realize is how some of these diets actually affect your body.  Some diets such as the liquid diets can seriously affect your kidneys and liver.  Others can affect your gall bladder.  I was on a diet that was low to no carbs and no not the atkins diet but another vitamin regimented diet, and I ended up losing my gall bladder. The function of the gall bladder is to shoot out enzymes to break down fat from the foods you’ve eaten. Well, if you don’t have fat in your foods the enzymes can’t do their job and you may create stones that will eventually lead to your having to remove your gall bladder.

I’m no expert, but I’ve been around the diet corner a few times and as a result of being on some bad diets I experienced the results of how they affected my body.  I do know that along with a proper diet you must exercise.  I love to walk. Admittedly, I don’t walk like I should but hey, lets start walking together.  Tell me what your walking progress is and I’ll tell you mine.  We can keep each other motivated.  🙂  I use to walk up to 7 miles a day.  That was when I lived in NYC.  I worked on the upper west side and every night after work (fall, spring, and summer) I’d walk home to queens. It was an awesome walk too, I’d pass John Lennon’s apartment building (The Dakota) and walk through Central Park.  You might think by the time I got home I’d be so tired but not quiet it was actually the opposite, I was full of energy.  You will find that when you exercise your appetite will adjust and you will not be as hungry.  The best way to eat is small meals.  Breakfast is your most important meal.   Do you know why?  Well, it’s because as well as you first waking up and getting your body moving, your metabolism needs to be woken up as well.

Your first meal jump starts your metabolism so you will burn calories more efficiently as your day goes on.  I love to eat oatmeal, especially on those cool mornings.  Oatmeal is a superfood, loaded with lecithin. Lecithin is a natural fat burner, I use to take it in liquid form but that’s not easy to find in the health food stores anymore, now you can find it as granules.  Other ways to keep your metabolism working well is to drink plenty of water – at least 8 8oz glasses of water a day.   Now I am a huge fan of the black rice and as for my first meal of the day I also enjoy having a  heaping tablespoon of black rice added to my yogurt with a teaspoon of wheat germ, and demitasse spoon full of flax seed.  Talk about a superfood..  Powerful stuff here folks.  Your body also needs fiber, so be sure to have a good vegetable and/or fruit with your each of your meals.  The deeper green the veggie the better. Deep green veggies are loaded with chlorophyll.  Chlorophyll is essential to the body.  Did you know you can even help control your body odor with eating at least 2 meals with a veggie that is deep green?  Chlorophyll is a superfood, loaded with antioxidants.  Not only will it promote healthy iron levels but will also help to keep your blood sugar levels regular.  Remember fiber helps to burn calories and helps your digestive process.  Fiber rich foods are your veggies, fruits and whole grains.  Now lets keep in mind that one reason you always want to eat breakfast is to jump start your metabolism so you can 1 – burn calories efficiently but also 2 – maintain your energy for the day.

Lunch is important and should be a lighter meal and consist of a fruit and/or veggie but should be a lighter meal than your breakfast. You don’t want to skip any meals.  Eating your three meals helps keep your body’s blood sugar level balanced.  Eating complex carbohydrates processes much slower in your system and eating a healthy lunch will keep your body satisfied until dinner.  Remember eating those snack bars or high sugar content foods only serves to raise your blood sugar levels temporarily and provides your body with 0 needed nutrients.  So stay away from them as a meal replacement.  Go for the whole grain breads or try wraps for sandwiches instead.  My family loves the sandwich wraps instead of white bread.  The best advice anyone can give you is to be sure each meal is balanced, low fat and low sugar.  Select the complex carb foods and keep the simple carbs to a minimum.   Have you ever gotten real sleepy after eating lunch?  Do you know why? Well it could be a couple of reasons such as food alergies, but more likely because you over ate.  Try reducing the amount of calories you eat at lunch.

Now Dinner should be the lightest meal since now your body is not as active and it can cause your body to store fat to overeat.  Ever heard the saying – Eat breakfast like a king and dinner like a pauper?  That pretty much sums up how you should eat dinner.  Very light.  I try to not eat past 7pm but that’s not always easy.  My husband is a trucker and his schedule is not always the same.  But the absolute worst thing you can do is to eat a meal and then go lay down.  For one thing it’s bad for your digestive system and could cause acid reflux.  It can also cause you to gain weight. As a kid growing up my mom would never allow us kids to drink fluids while we were eating.  Drinking fluids during a meal could reduce the digestive enzymes efficiency.   Did you know that eating raw celery or salad before dinner helps to get those digestive enzymes working?

Now what you need to consider for your meals is a balance of proteins, Carbs, and fiber.  We can eat anything as long as we eat in moderation.  There are superfoods like red peppers, black rice, beans, and fish – wild caught avoid farm raised.  We have some good healthy recipes here but to be sure I will also have those comfort foods too.  We love them, but again in moderation.   Now avoid skipping meals. When you skip a meal you put your body into a starvation mode.  That means your body will begin to store fat instead of burn fat.  There are several good books and I will add a list for anyone one who may be interested, look for that in a future posting.  Eating properly is so important, and while it all sounds like you need to be a chemist you don’t.  Take a look at the foods you eat, and as I did, I wrote everything down.  Looking at that list at then end of the day really worked to open my eyes to what I was putting in my body.  You have to be mentally committed to your daily diet.  Be aware of the foods you eat, how much, and how often.  By making small adjustments in your daily diet you can get big results.  I’d suggest don’t go and make all sorts of changes quickly.  Allow yourself to adjust slowly to any changes you want to make for a life long commitment.

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