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I want to discuss here what is going on around the world.  We are in a war – a religious war – and it’s not being called that by our current administration.  Christians around the world are being killed and tortured for their beliefs.  I am looking to write about the different issues here.  I don’t write spin and I don’t write with a political twist.  It’s the truth we want to be sure to discuss here.  Not whether it is a right wing or left wing issue.  Right is right and wrong is always wrong.

Christians are being targeted today for standing up for their religious views.  It’s sad really when you think about it, this country was founded on Religious Freedom.  The immigrants who settled here did so to escape religious persecution.  Now here we are today on the same very land that meant freedom, now means persecution.  How did we get here?  Well, that’s simple.  God has been removed from several aspects of our lives; schools, work, and home.  I remember as a kid, sitting around the table at diner time with the family, watching TV as a family, and doing things as a family on the weekends.  I was the only one in my family that went to church, but it was something I never failed to do, even though Mass was spoken in Latin.  I’d wear my very specific Sunday clothes and shoes.  Saturday meant going to confession.  I did say a lot of Hale Mary’s, but you always admitted what you did wrong and you told the Lord you were sorry and promised to try never to do it again.  As you can guess, growing up I was Catholic.  It wasn’t until after I had my daughter that I began to really question a lot of the Catholic doctrine.  I discovered that Catholicism does not exactly follow the Bible as you would think, especially since they are the largest Christian group with a very prominent head of the Church – The Pope.

Some of the subjects I will be discussing here will be:

ISIS – the issues we face today and the lack of Government handling

LGBT – what it meant once the Supreme Court legitimized the perversion of Gay Marriage

Politics – especially what is going on today with both parties.  We are seeing some of the ugliest campaigning and it’s doesn’t stop there, it also includes both the Democratic and Republican National Committees.  It’s amazing stuff we are witnessing to today.

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