Me11Hello..  I am a mother of one daughter now 27 years old and a wife.  Born in Chattanooga, Tenn. and move to NYC at the age of 5.  I moved to Texas in 1975 at 19 and was married in Houston, TX but divorced in 1977.  I worked for several companies in NYC, the most notable was with Time Warner Cable of NYC.  While only attending college for less than 1.5 years the majority of the learning experience was realized by working for Time Warner Cable for almost 22 years and by attending many accredited courses by AMA (American Management Association).

 It was in 2010 when I met my now husband and  we began our romance. In 2011, David convinced me and my daughter to move to Louisiana.  A move that later both I and my daughter fully appreciated.  Both David and I love to cook, work out, and most importantly we love God.

Other interests include crafts such as glass paint, crocheting, and working with plastic canvas.  Holidays are the most exciting time of the year and that is the busiest time for getting holiday crafts completed.

What can you expect to see here?  Well, you will see a variety of things. Some recipes, some craft items available for sale, handmade jewelry for sale, t-shirts designed, along with articles written by me.