Lifes Secret Window

salmon rose

I have a blog, Tribos Christian Apologetics  (, and a variety of other pages that I will be sharing.  I love to read comments but ask that they be respectful.  I will be adding pages as I grow my site to include books that I recommend for you.  My site is a Christian based site, and you will find most of my blog posts are Christian in nature.  I love to cook so I will be sharing with you some recipes that I and my family love.  I will also be sharing nutritional information as well.  I am a diabetic and I have a journey that I record on how my blood sugar had finally managed to get under control.  I am also a huge coffee drinker so if you grab a cup of coffee or whatever your favorite morning drink is come on over and let’s chat.   My focus is on family and how we can live in today’s world and still live by God’s word.

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